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Time to leave the winter blues behind and colour up!

Get the Look: Yellow

How to freshen up your walls (and brighten up your life) with a pop of sunshine!

First we’ll start with zingy, tangy yellow. It’s also known as the happy colour and can brighten your life in more than one way. Just try it!

Yellow can be anything from almost orange to almost green, with citrus, chartreuse and lemon mixes in between. Combine it with sophisticated greys, or splashy magenta, beachy blues or subtle warm greens and you have instant attraction.

You can make it the dominant colour or, if it’s not really you but you want to add some warmth to your interiors, find pieces that have smaller accents of the colour.

If you LOVE yellow, go the whole hog!

Above: Yellow Vale and Slow Fall of Night.

Try a large abstract such as Yellow Vale or Slow Fall of Night at their largest size (100x 140cm) for impact in a dull room and to create a garden feel and soft focal point. These expressive originals also go particularly well with a modernist house and furniture.

Yellow in a bouquet of colours

Bring the garden indoors with any one, or a combination, of the art containing yellow in all its forms from this series. Try Froth and Summer Love to coordinate with your beach décor and to provide a softer accent. Or Perfume and Sun Shiny Day for a bit of sophistication. Provide drama (and drift towards the greens) with a combination of Spent Blooms and Trumpeting Miles … add Sun Shiny Day if you prefer designing in threes. Or have a longer area (eg over the couch) that you want to add some zing to.

Happy, joyous smatterings of yellow can be found in the Watercolour Collage series (see below), especially Gentle Soul, Mindscape, Negotiating and Sashay. Especially good in multiples, these small works create a lively mood and multiple possibilities for co-ordination with existing décor.

Above: Sashay, Negotiating, Gentle Soul and Mindscape.

And speaking of beaches…

Four Prints surf beach clouds glassbox in situSubtle touches of sunshine gold filter through the photographic Elements Series – Sand, Surf, Box and Clouds. You’ll find “Hardly there” touches combined with sophisticated greys in Languid and Arrivederci.

Add Bodoni and/or Baskerville with a gentle aged yellow background to evoke a bookish/academic mood with typography.

Prefer a punk or industrial ethic or love your classic music hits?

Opt-Art #3 and Opt-Art #4 add a punch of yellow, in combination with grey to create a futuristic vibe. Combine these with the black and white Opt-Art #1 or Opt-Art #2 to complete or vary the theme. Show you’re a fan of Neil Young or Hunters and Collectors with Harvest Moon and Throw Your Arms.

If yellow isn’t your thing but you want to add some happiness…

Opt for smaller accents or in a gallery hang, choose a set of the Treeline Series. At 35 x 50 cm, the set of four can be framed in colours or textures to compliment your existing furniture (wooden frames are ideal). You can also include more white space than standard around the image in the frame, to create a larger impact on your wall for a smaller budget.

The abstract stripes but organic texture and natural colour combinations allow other accent colours to be used in décor items whilst still providing a fabulous warm touch to your room.