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About us

ArtPrintz provides beautiful, unique archival giclée pigment prints from professional artists for stylists, interior designers, home renovators and hotel décor. Our work is printed using archival pigment ink on 100% cotton rag paper in a strictly limited edition of just 25. So you know you are buying a rare, high quality artwork when you shop with us.

ArtPrintz is a labour of love for the two of us. We are Gabrielle Jones (the artist) and Clive Jones (the designer) and we’re passionate about creative, well designed and beautiful artworks and interiors.

Gabrielle Jones is a full-time artist who has exhibited and been collected widely in Australian and internationally. She is a very creative, prolific and experimental artist, and ArtPrintz was in part created as a forum to showcase her work beyond the confines of her art practice. You can see her paintings here.

Clive’s background is steeped in graphic design having created work for large corporates and government bodies as well as NGOs and individual entrepreneurs. He particularly loves photography and clean, beautiful typography and the printed page as a vehicle for great visual communication. You can see his design projects here.

Between us, we have created this selection of fine art prints to enjoy. The plan is for ArtPrintz to also be a showcase for a curated selection of work from other accomplished artists in the near future.